How to Run App in AVD Of Emulator in Android Studio

32270 View    Feb 9 2020 2:30AM


Step 1: Firstly, open the AVD Manager directly by the AVD icon in the Toolbar.


Step 2: Your Virtual Devices list will be opened on your Computer screen. After that you Select that AVD on which you want to run your App.



If you don’t see any AVD (Android Virtual Device) that means you haven’t created not even one.

Step 3: After that your AVD / Emulator will open up. It will take time to start depending on your system configuration and pixel resolution of AVD. Choose less pixel resolution for faster loading of AVD.



Step 4: After that you can run app directly as shown in figure below. Click on run icon.


Step 5: You can also run app go to the Menu bar and Click on Run > Run app. (Shift+F10) shortcut key to run app in AVD of Emulator in android studio.


Step 6: Your Android app run in AVD / Emulator in android studio.